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Health Benefits of Giving


Plenty of methods are available out there for you to improve the health instantly. Giving can be considered as one of the best options out of them. The concept of giving can be described in different ways. The simplest definition of giving is offering something to another person or an organization without expecting anything in return. You will be able to experience a variety of benefits as well as advantages in the long run through giving. Here is a list of the most prominent health benefits out of them.

1. Giving can offer protection to you against depression

Giving can be considered as one of the best options available out there for the people to protect themselves against depression. Giving is associated with social connections, cooperation and interaction, which can contribute towards the overall social wellbeing. You don’t always need to flex the mental muscles in order to polish the interpersonal skills. The social growth offered with these connections will give you the opportunity to stay away from isolation, which is one of the most prominent culprits behind depression. If you have more connections, you have a very low chance of getting depression.

2. You would be able to live healthier, longer and better

Even though the scientific reasons behind this fact are not fully understood, it has been identified that people who give will be able to live healthier, longer and better. This fact has been verified from a variety of scientific studies, which have taken place in different parts of the world. Giving can assist individuals to stay away from some of the life threatening health conditions such as heart diseases and blood pressure. This can be considered as the main reason why people who tend to give are provided with longer and healthier lives.

3. You can get high without any drugs

You will be able to receive an excellent mental satisfaction out of giving. When you take part in charitable activities, a feel good hormone called oxytocin would get released into your blood automatically. This hormone has the potential to reduce your anxiety levels in a natural manner. In addition, you will be able to feel more positive about yourself. Therefore, giving someone could benefit that person as well as you at the end of the day.

4. You will be able to lose weight without much hassle

Obesity has become one of the major health issues among people out there in the world. Giving can provide an excellent support to you in order to achieve your weight loss goals. When you take part in charitable events, you will stay away from television, mobile phone and computer screens. Your physical activities would increase in the meantime. This will assist you to reach your weight loss goals without spending too much of effort. It can also provide your body with better cardiovascular health, better circulation while reducing the risk of premature death.

5. It can control your blood pressure at a healthy range

As mentioned earlier, giving and helping out others has the potential to contribute towards your cardiovascular health. This fact has been verified from a research that was conducted back in 2006 by the International Journal of Psychophysiology. It can also reduce your arterial pressure and bring it to a healthy level. On the other hand, people who give others will be able to get an excellent social support in return. Therefore, the habit of giving would not just make you feel good from the inside.

6. It can reduce your stress levels

A considerable percentage of the world population suffers from stress. Many different methods are available for them to get rid of stress and giving holds a prominent place out of them. Some people would feel that hoarding money is beneficial for their wallet. However, it is not so good for their health. In fact, there is a strong relationship in between money and stress. If you have the habit of giving, especially money, you would get the opportunity to stay away from stress. Stress can lead you towards a variety of health issues as well. Therefore, it is extremely important for the people to take necessary measures in order to reduce stress levels, which can assist them live healthy lives.

7. It can enhance your mood

The habit of giving can enhance your mood as well. This fact has also been verified from a variety of scientific researches. When you give, certain areas of your brain would get activated. These areas can contribute towards your mood in the long run. This could be considered as the reason why some people tend to donate more and more money for good causes. It can make them feel good while contributing a lot towards the mental satisfaction.

8. It can keep your body away from illnesses

If you want to live a longer life, you should keep your body away from illnesses. The habit of giving can assist you with that. As mentioned earlier, the act of giving can benefit your blood circulation, mood and help you stay away from stress. This will assist you to get rid of most of the illnesses that would come your way. When you can stay away from all these illnesses, you will be able to feel live a long life.

9. It can make you feel good all over

Last but not least, giving can make you feel good all over. A research was conducted by the United Healthcare Match back in 2009 with the objective of figuring out the relationship between giving and overall mood. 4500 individuals were selected for this research and it delivered amazing results. In other words, the scientists who conducted the research figured out that giving can deliver better physical health to the individuals along with hopefulness.

As you can see, you will be able to experience a variety of health benefits through giving. Therefore, you should think of giving whenever you can.



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