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How To Time Your Food For Maximum Fat Loss

If you want to maximize fat loss, you should learn how to time your meals properly. It would assist you to keep hunger at bay and stay away from hormonal interferences. Here is list of five effective tips that you can follow in order to time your food and maximize fat loss.

1.  Eat within the first hour of rising

If you want to maximize fat loss and get rid of obesity, you need to eat within the first hour of rising. From the recent studies, it has been identified that people who skin their breakfasts tend to compensate later within the day while taking additional fats and carbohydrates and fewer vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, skipping breakfast would result in impaired insulin sensitivity and enhanced fasting cholesterol.

2. Eat more meals with smaller portions

If you have got used to consuming three main meals per day, it is the high time to replace it with six smaller meals. It would be a good idea to keep a gap of three hours in between every small meal. This would give your body with the opportunity to maintain a steady blood sugar level. On the other hand, it can create a positive impact on the composition of your body. In other words, you will be able to maintain enhanced energy levels throughout the day, which can keep you full. This can create an ideal platform for fat oxidation during the night time as well.


3. Have your lunch early

It would be a good idea to have your lunch early as possible. From your daily calorie intake, a large portion is obtained through lunch. Therefore, you will be able to experience a variety of benefits by having the lunch early as possible. Then your body would have enough time to burn those calories and minimize the deposition of fat. Moreover, people who take their lunch early can stay away from the risk of getting into diabetes as well.

4. Skip sugar instead of the meal

There are people who tend to skip their meals with the objective of burning fat. Skipping meals will not assist you to burn fat. Instead, you should try to skip sugar from your meals. When you skip sugar, an imbalance would result in your blood sugar levels. This can increase cortisol, which is a stress hormone in your body. This can lead you towards a variety of negative consequences in the long run. Therefore, you should learn to skip sugar instead of the meal.

5. Take your dinner at the same time every day

Last but not least, you need to make it a habit to consume your dinner at a specific time of the day. Then the metabolic system of your body will find it as an easier task to burn fat and help you with achieving your weight loss objectives. It should be a convenient time slot at least few hours before you go to bed.


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